My third time visiting our country's oldest city was a lot like the first time. I think it's one of those places where the charm never goes away. The only thing uncharming about this trip to St. Augustine was the fact that my sister no longer lives in Jacksonville and wasn't there to enjoy it with us. 

This was stop number.. 4? on our roadtrip and I'm so glad we made time for it. I finally got to eat at a restaurant every other member of my family had been raving about for the last six months. Check eating at Romeo's in downtown St. Augustine off my bucket list!

One piece of advice if you are planning to visit St. Augustine anytime soon: prepare for a parking nightmare. St. Augustine was founded in 1565 when they were really just worried about foot traffic and the occasional horse. As a result, if you visit downtown St. Augustine around dinnertime, or really, most of the summer, plan to park a ways away from your final destination. Parking is scarce in the old city, and where available it fills up quickly. Your best bet is parking in the Historic Downtown Parking Facility instead of trolling the streets for 30 minutes.