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In case you missed it: I'm a total nerd. There are certain stories and shows where "transporting you there" is just not enough and you can't shake the feeling of wanting to experience the location for yourself.  Enter my obsession with BBCOne's Poldark and you will find that I ended up on the Cornish Coast gazing out at the sea longingly just like Ross.

If you're unfamiliar with the show, let me tell you, it's worth the watch. It's a story of an underdog that gets everything thrown at him but never gives up. It's one of those shows that is cast so well and has so much depth that you end up loving and rooting for every character. You'll even feel for the antagonist George Warleggan – they do an extraordinary job of showing the good side of him as well as the bad. If you're in the States, the easiest way to watch the show, which is about to air Season 4, is on Amazon Prime or PBS.

We did a lot of research before we left about where to go, but the articles we scoured didn't have enough information, in our opinion. Some of the places just weren't worth it or took a long hike to get to. Read on for my list of the Poldark filming locations that are worth taking the crazy one-lane roads in the Cornish countryside to get to.

1.  Kynance Cove

Poldark Filming Locations Cornwall
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Kynance Cove is hands-down my favorite location that we saw in Cornwall. Could've been the fact that it was right at sunset which made the place extra dreamy– but regardless–it's gorgeous. It's an easy walk from the parking lot to the overlook, but the walk down to the shore is very steep and slippery. Highly recommend you only make this trek if you have good shoes on!  Where you remember it from in Poldark: Nampara scenic shots, trots on horses



2. St Wynwallow and Gunwalloe Church Cove Beach

Gunwalloe Church Cove Beach.jpg
Gunwalloe Church Cove Beach.jpg

Remember those infamous night smuggling scenes? I was so stressed out! That's where these scenes were shot. Parking is easy, the walk is straight and easy, and the views are incredible.




3. Park Head, Porthcothan, and Padstow

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More countryside shots and horseback riding shots. It speaks for itself.




4. Botallack and Levant Mine as Wheal Leisure and Wheal Grace

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Wheal Leisure.jpg

The mines! Although Wheal Leisure and Wheal Grace are made up, the shots of them are of real mines and do not disappoint.




5. Porthgwarra and Porthcurno

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Grab a Cornish pasty at the Porthgwarra Cafe and look out at the  Cove where the daytime smuggling scenes were filmed. Oh yeah, and it's also where that swimming hole shot of Ross is shot. 

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest




6. Charlestown as 18th Century Truro

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Charlestown serves as Truro for a lot of shots since modern-day Truro is is just that - too modern.  You're able to go on the ships they film on if you stop at the harbor. 




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