3 Tips for Your First Solo Trip

So I’m here in self isolation in London and it’s really got me thinking about why I started travelling alone in the first place. It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog post... and since I absolutely have nothing better to do since I’m not even halfway through my quarantine yet, I thought, why not write a lil post and do a YouTube video about why I travel solo and the benefits of solo travel.

quarantine in london
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For a long time, my goal was to be able to work remotely and travel full time, and when I got to that point, I thought one of my friends or my sister would be there too.... but unfortunately none of them were at the point in lives or careers to be able to travel with me.

TBH, I had a brief freaking out period. I did a lot of research to try and figure out how to actually afford traveling solo full time, worried if it was unsafe or if I would be really lonely. I thought about the few solo trips I had done in the past. What did I like about them? What did I dislike about them? What places have I been with other people that I wouldn't necessarily want to head back to alone?

I hit that point in a lot of situations where I tell my anxiety: you've done enough researching and worrying you just have to make a decision now. So, I decided to test it out first and approach solo travel with baby steps and made sure my first few trips checked the following boxes:


The biggest mistake you could make is commiting to a trip that is a few weeks or even months long before you even know if you like solo traveling yet. Prioritize a weekend getaway or a holiday weekend as you ease into it. I chose to go on a 4 day long solo trip where I visited my sister right after as my first "official" solo trip in my transition to doing this full time.


This is really a peace of mind thing. It's more comfortable to go somewhere that is close to someone you know or a city where you have a few acquaintances. Acquaintances is key here – you don't want to go somewhere where you're spending all your time with someone else. Remember, you're testing out if you really like solo travel. If you choose to take on solo travel full time, you'll most likely find yourself in your dream destinations and not know a single person there. Reaching out to a few acquaintances to make plans is a great way to get your feet wet into this lifestyle.


I am absolutely someone who can be holed up by myself for weeks at a time. It might sound a little funny, but to curb that, I make sure to make plans with myself and create an itinerary to make sure I get out of the house and actually enjoy the place I'm visiting.

Check out more details from my YouTube video on Why I Travel Solo: