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5 favorite Amazon products: July

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Tank top from The Gym People

I first got this tank with a built in sports bra in white, then I got the grey... and of course now I just ordered the black! I love how comfortable the built in bra is and the sweat-wicking fabric is ideal for this heat!

Hilife Travel Steamer with 75,000+ reviews

I've needed a new steamer for a long time and bonus points for this one being small enough it can easily go in my suitcase, too! It's got a few different spout add-ons for different types of garments and is super lightweight.

Sandals that feel like walking on memory foam

If you're like me, you've probably seen these sandals everywhere...and I'm here to tell you they're worth the hype! They're super comfortable if you're on the hunt for easy slide ons.

Carpal tunnel and arthritis massager

I grabbed this for my grandmother who has been wanting to get carpal tunnel surgery for awhile. Her hands fall asleep all the time, and massage helps to revitalize them. This little massager has helped provide her with a lot of relief and other family members have gotten one since!

Car tray/organizer

I just recently got a car and am getting ready to go on a few roadtrips. I saw this awhile back and just officially made the purchase!

Shop more of my favorite products on my LTK. Click this link or download the app and search for me: malinapadgett. Any product you purchase from these links I may receive a small commission.

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