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5 Options for Pet Care While You're Away

Pet sitter? Neighbor? Boarding? What is right for you and your animal?

Everyone with a pet knows that having a reliable option for your pet to be cared for while you’re away is essential for peace of mind – but how do you ensure that you’re picking the right one?

Picking the perfect option is a tough decision. You want to make sure your pet is in good hands while you’re away. In this post, I'll provide a comprehensive guide to choosing right for your needs.

What options are available to you? You may be comfortable with an experienced pet sitting professional, a pet-loving neighbor, or a family member. Each option has its pros and cons, so consider all of your options carefully before making a decision. Let’s take a deeper look at each option to determine the best fit for your pet.

  1. Professional pet sitting services For experienced pet sitting services, you’ll get the advantage of having a professional who is familiar with various pets, knowledgeable about different types of breeds and behaviors, and experienced in managing different pet-related situations. On the other hand, they may charge a higher fee, making them less cost-effective than other options.

  2. Boarding Boarding at a well-reviewed boarding facility can be a great option. I would personally prefer boarding options that prioritize outdoor playtime and aren’t in a small cage so your animal isn’t experiencing stress and anxiety the whole time youre away. This can definitely be a more affordable option than #1 as well.

  3. A neighbor If you opt for a pet-loving neighbor, you may be able to bargain for a lower fee and have the assurance of someone close by who knows the ins and outs of pet ownership. However, there may be more potential for unexpected situations due to the lack of professional experience.

  4. Family member Finally, a family member may be an inexpensive and convenient choice for pet sitting, as they already know your pet and your home. However, you may have to worry about scheduling issues, as your family member may have other commitments outside of pet sitting.

  5. Travel house sitters And then, the obvious elephant in the room… You could always go with someone like me! Travel house sitters are a great option if you are going to be away for an extended period of time. Travel house sitters will not only take care of your pet while you’re away, but they will also take care of your house. I mean - I’m probably biased, but truly cost wise, this is the best way to go. Travel house sitters will watch your pets and home for FREE. It’s an exchange set up where they’re exchanging watching your pets and/or home in exchange for a place to stay. And I personally feel like it’s the best option for your animal as well. Who doesn’t want their pet to stay comfortably in their own home and routine while they’re away?

When considering who to entrust with the care of your pet, make sure you evaluate each option carefully. Take the time to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option so that you can make an informed decision and feel confident in your selection.

Now that you know all about finding the perfect option for your pet, let me know in the comments below if this guide was helpful! Share your pet's story and be sure to also share this post with your friends who may find it helpful! To find out more about house sitting, check out my eBook and my YouTube.

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