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House sitting – What is it and should you consider it?

How the heck did I get into house sitting, why do I do it, and why should you consider it?

For me, it all has to do with how I imagined my life. My dream was being able to go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and being able to work remotely from wherever that was. I wanted to have as much freedom as possible. I’ve tried a lot of different avenues of making my ‘career of freedom’ dream a reality and when that happened, I then had to figure out the travel part…

I always thought financially it would be only plausible to travel and work remotely with someone close to me, but no one close to me was able to start this lifestyle when I was ready. So of course, I had a “now what?” moment. What were my options? Was I just going to have to give this dream up?

Financially, it felt impossible to figure out how to travel full time before I stumbled across house sitting. The “digital nomad” life we see splattered across the Internet seemed impossible. House sitting has offered me a way to slash my travel expenses in half and as a result open up a full time travel lifestyle for me – and it can do the same thing for you. House sitting completely removes the cost of accommodation when traveling and I have yet to find anything else comparable to that. It’s truly the most attractive full time travel option for those on a budget. If you’re interested in learning more about house sitting, check out my eBook, A Beginner’s Guide to House Sitting and subscribe to my YouTube channel where I break down different subjects on house sitting so you can start taking advantage of this amazing travel avenue.

If you have any questions, or specific house sitting topics you want me to cover, be sure to hit me up in the comments below!

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