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3 Travel Accessories I Never Leave Behind

Taking a trip can be stressful—from booking flights and hotels, to packing and planning. But it doesn’t have to be! With the right accessories, it has made my travel easier and more enjoyable. Read on for the 3 travel accessories I never leave home without.

1. Fanny pack

I was kind of late to the game on this one, but having a fanny pack while traveling is not only super convenient to be able to wear it a ton of different ways, but it feels so much safer to have it close to your body instead of a regular purse when traveling. I love the Everywhere belt bag from lululemon, but it is ALWAYS sold out! The one I grabbed from Amazon is a great dupe for only $6.99!

2. Jewelry organizer

I've tried so many different methods of organizing jewelry when traveling, and this has by far been the best option. I absolutely love that it has so many compartments for individual pieces! Another big bonus is that it hangs up. I normally use one side of it for jewelry and the other side of it for other small items like hair ties, q-tips, and bandaids.

3. Travel mirror

The amount of times that I have been somewhere and they haven't had good lighting to be able to do my makeup.... let's just say I learned the value of having this travel accessory the hard way!

Make sure to bookmark this post to keep the list of travel accessories handy when packing for your next trip!

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